Rei Dance Collection NAGOYA enrollment


・Please select  the plan that best suits your needs. We offer a variety of plans to suit your lifestyle.
Once you pledge to a plan, you will be required to continue your membership for six months.
※There are no renewal or cancellation fees after six months.

The deadline for changing plans and canceling membership is the 15th of the previous month.
※Please come to the studio reception desk to complete the procedure. No e-mail or telephone service is available.

・Please note that canceling a membership is not allowed after signing up for a plan.
Membership  payment will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card registered on the 20th of the previous month. 
・All classes are by reservation only.
You can cancel up to 3 hours in advance from “My Page”
※After that, it will be treated as a last-minute cancellation. Even if you call us, we will not be able to cancel the class.
※Please note that repeated last-minute cancellations will result in penalties such as not being able to make reservations in advance.

・If you wish to take a class without signing up for a plan, a visitor’s fee of ¥3,520 per class will be charged.

▶︎About the “frequency-based plan” (M4, M8, M12)
・If you want to take more than the number of classes in the plan, you can purchase an additional ticket (¥2,400) on “My Page”.
・If you couldn’t use up all the tickets, you will automatically receive a “carry-over ticket”. You can use the ticket(s) to take classes in the following month or later. (Ticket validity: 6 months)
・After the “carry-over ticket” is granted, please give priority to “Ticket Reservation” when making class reservations.


①Enrollment fee \ ¥15,400
②Adminstration fee\ ¥2,310
③Monthly membership fee for 2 months 

※The first month’s membership fee will be prorated.
※From the third months, monthly membership fee will be automatically withdrawn on the 20th.


You can enroll easily from your smartphone or PC.
Please access “My Page” to complete the enrollment process.

❶Click on the top left icon “プラン新規契約”.
❷Select the plan you want to enroll.
❸Enter your credit card number and a coupon code.
❹Review on the confirmation page and click on the orange button “プランを契約する”.